Release: Board of Estimates Agenda for 4/7

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Baltimore, MD - The Board of Estimates agenda for the May 5th meeting is now available. It can be found at

Items of note:

  1. Pages 3-4, Dept of Rec & Parks, Task Orders No. 2 and 3 to Pawpaw Design LLC d/b/a Jonathan Ceci Landscape Architects.
  2. Pages 13-16, Dept. of Finance, RELIEF Act Grant Agreements. The Department of Commerce is granting the City the following: $2,087,705.46 for financial relief for “certain food and beverage providers”; $8,013,107 for “stabilization within the hospitality industry”; $47,447.85 to “set up online sales framework and offer employees telework opportunities”; and another $948,957.03 for the hospitality industry.
  3. Page 20, DOT, Ridesharing Grant Agreement. $81,538 grant for ridesharing/commuter Assistance Program Grant from MD Dept of Transportation promoting the use of alternatives to single occupant vehicles.  
  4. Pages 26-27, DPW, Amendment No. 2 to Agreement with Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson for SC 982, Design of Eastern Avenue Pumping Station. No MBE/WBE attainment reported.
  5. Page 29, DPW, Task Assignment No. 7 to Transviron, Inc. under Project No. 1806, On-Call Project and Construction Management Assistance. This is a $249,172.19 task assignment for a $5 Million contract awarded in June 2018 with an expiration date of June 19, 2022, three years into a four-year term.  MBE attainment is 24.83% towards a 29% goal and WBE is 0% towards a 10% goal. 
  6. Page 30, DPW, Task Assignment No. 2 to EA Engineering, Science & Technology under Project No. 1272E, On-Call Solid Waste Engineering Services. This is a $249,172.19 task assignment for a $5 Million contract on which $2,203,540.24 in tasks has already been issued, so almost half the contract value has been spent. It was awarded in 2018 and the expiration date is June 19, 2022, so again we are three years into a four-year contract. The MBE goal is 27.2% and WBE is 10%, no MBE/WBE attainment reported.
  7. Pages 38-39, Bureau of Procurement, Contract Renewal with Middleton & Meads Co. and Beltway Kenwood, LLC for Suspension and Spring Repairs. This is a no-cost renewal that extends the contract term from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. End-user is DGS.  This contract was awarded in 2017 with an initial value of $5 Million. The issue is MWBOO compliance.  Middleton & Meads exceeded the WBE goal (0.57% towards a 0.5% goal) but only attained 0.5% MBE towards a 4% goal. Beltway Kenwood’s attainment is 0.23% MBE and 0.086% WBE.  
  8. Page 58, Department of Audits, Biennial Financial Audit for Department of Law and Department of Health Fiscal Years Ended June 30, 2019 and 2018. 

To protest a proposed action of the Board or otherwise address the Board please notify the Clerk, Room 204, City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 in writing by Tuesday, April 6th at 12pm. Protests can be sent to The Board shall award the contract as an entirety to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, or by items to the respective lowest responsive and responsible bidders, or reject all bids.  The decision to reject all bids is final and not subject to protest.

Please note Baltimore City Hall is closed to the public during the COVID-19 health crisis. All Board of Estimates meetings will be conducted via remote video conference. Viewers can watch the meetings on Charm TV or channel 25.

Recordings of each BOE meeting can also be found on Charm TV’s website and Youtube channel.

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