Department of Accounts Payable

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The Department of Accounts Payable (AP) is responsible for all payments and disbursements made by the City with the exception of payroll and debt management. Our team coordinates closely with agency fiscal offices to ensure timely vendor payment.

Suppliers may submit an invoice to the City via:

1) Workday’s Supplier Self Service Portal; or 2) Email the invoice to

When submitting an invoice via City Payables, suppliers must: 

  • Place the Purchase Order (PO) number on the invoice. The PO number should begin with PO or P5. 
  • Provide the receiving City Agency’s Name and Address on the PO for the goods or services provided on the invoice. 
  • Ensure that the information on the PO matches the information on the invoice, including but not limited to, prices or quantities of goods provided to the City. 

When submitting an invoice via Workday’s Supplier Self Portal, suppliers must select the correct purchase order from the available drop-down menu and then attach the invoice.  

Helpful Resources

I work for a City Agency, where can I learn more about Workday?

For training videos, job aids, and reference materials to assist with navigating Workday, please visit the Workday Supplier Accounts Resources site.

Prospective Suppliers

Prospective Suppliers are required to submit a Taxpayer Identification Number, Contact Information, Business Information, and a current signed and dated W-9 form that must be electronically attached to your registration. Visit:

Active Suppliers

For information regarding the City’s supplier requirements, and instructions on navigating the Supplier Self Service Portal, please visit the Bureau of Procurement’s Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I check the payment status in the Supplier Self-Service Portal?

Please view All Apps, then Invoices and Payments, then Most Recent Payments to view the most recent payments.

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    For all other pdf and video trainings, please visit the Bureau of Procurement’s Supplier Training site.

    I'm having an issue with Workday. How do I talk to someone?

    Use our supplier inquiry form!