Department of Real Estate

The Department of Real Estate (DORE) manages the City’s real estate assets. The DORE is responsible for a variety of functions related to real property owned by the city, including:

  • Disposition of real property owned by the city
  • Leasing city-owned property to agencies and other parties
  • Acquisition of real estate for the city
  • Reviewing real estate-related transactions and development proposals for city-owned real property
  • Providing technical assistance to community development corporations and other developers
  • Maintenance of a repository of unsold tax certificates after the annual tax sale
  • Management of Broadway Pier
  • Processing applications for telecommunications equipment on City property

The DORE works with the BDC, DGS, DHCD, and the Mayor’s office. AllCity property dispositions and proposed development is reviewed by the City’s Space Utilization Committee, managed by DORE. The committee determines the lead City agency, or the agency responsible for the property, as well as any contract requirements.

The DORE is responsible for maintaining a public inventory of all city-owned real property and associated leases.