Tower/Antenna FAQs



Q. What is the term of a Lease Agreement?

A. Five years, with 3 renewal terms of 5 years each.

Q. Will I need to submit a structural analysis?

A. Yes. If the capacity of the tower exceeds 80%, as a matter of policy the City of Baltimore will require the proposed co-locator to perform remedial work to increase load-bearing capacity so that the capacity shall be less than 80%.

Q. Will the City provide information on the height and equipment of a tower?

A. Yes, on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Does the City of Baltimore enter into agreements on behalf of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City or the Baltimore City Public Schools?

A. No, those site agreements are administered by the Housing Authority and the Baltimore City Public Schools through a different process. If you are interested in a Baltimore City Schools or a Housing Authority of Baltimore City site, you should contact:

Baltimore City Public Schools
Mr. Paul Turner

Housing Authority of Baltimore City 
Ms. Faith Young

Current City-Owned Tower/Antenna Locations

501 N. Athol Avenue - Tower
Baltimore Convention Center - Distributed Antenna System
4001 Clifton Avenue - Tower
3002 Druid Park Drive - Tower
2120 Eastern Avenue - Building
2700 Glen Avenue - Building
3901 Hillen Road - Building
6512 Harford Road - Building
6201 E. Lombard Street - Tower
3500 E. Monument - Radio Antenna
221 N. Paca Street - Building
Pikesville Reservoir - Radio Antenna
2801 Saint Lo Drive - Tower
7301 Ridge Road - Tower
2608 Washington Boulevard - Building
4301 West Bay Avenue - Tower