Meetings & Minutes

Board Agenda

The administrative staff of the Board of Estimates prepares the Agenda for Board of Estimates meetings from submissions from City Agencies. The agenda submission deadline is 11:00 a.m. on the Thursday preceding the Wednesday meeting unless otherwise notified. All agencies must submit requests for the Board of Estimates' approval in the approved format.

Copies of the Board of Estimates Agenda are made available in limited quantities on the day of the meeting in Room 215. The agenda is posted on-line on Monday afternoon before the Board of Estimates' meetings.

To download the March 10th agenda, Click here.

The President's Memorandum for each Board of Estimates meeting is posted no later than the close of business the preceding Monday.

Board of Estimates Meeting Summary - Board action on agenda items


Board members must submit a dated memo to the Comptroller’s Office the day before the scheduled Board meeting date. The memo will note the page number of the member’s abstention, the item, and the reason for the abstention.

Board Minutes

Minutes of the proceedings of the Board of Estimates are available in the Office of the Comptroller, Room 204, City Hall, 100 North Holliday Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. Minutes may be reviewed on the premises or photocopied. Minutes are available approximately 45 days following a Board meeting. Please contact the Comptroller's Office to verify availability.

Online copies of the minutes of meetings of the Board of Estimates are available. The preparation of the Board of Estimates minutes requires transcription and review prior to posting online. The Board of Estimates minutes will generally be posted on a quarterly basis after this process is completed.

Meeting Schedule

The Board of Estimates meets each Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. and at 12:00 noon (12:00 noon for scheduled bid openings only). All Board meetings are live-streamed online at,

Board Recess Dates

The Board of Estimates is scheduled to be in recess at 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon on the following Wednesdays:

November 11, 2020
December 09, 2020
December 30, 2020
January 06, 2021
February 17, 2021
April 28, 2021
May 26, 2021
July 07, 2021
August 18, 2021
September 08, 2021
October 13, 2021
December 29, 2021



On March 20, 2019, the Board of Estimates adopted the Regulations on Procurement, Protests, Minority, and Women-owned Business Enterprise and Debarment/Suspension (Regulations) effective July 01, 2019.  Pursuant to Section II. Protest Regulations, the Resolution on the Regulations of Board Meetings and Protests adopted by the Board on January 22, 2014, was repealed effective July 1, 2019. 

Please submit all protests to [email protected] or:

Board of Estimates
204 City Hall
100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202