FY2022 Annual Report

The report highlights the Office of the Comptroller’s accomplishments during fiscal year 2022, including detailed reports form the Department of Audits, the Department of Real Estate, the Department of Telecommunications, the Municipal Post Office and the Central Office.

Along with a look back the report also offers a preview of fiscal year 2023, which will continue the Comptroller’s Office pursuit of modernization, efficiency and accountability in Baltimore City government.

Transition Report

In the early fall of 2020, Comptroller-Elect Henry assembled a transition committee and began to focus on plans for an office that had not seen new leadership in 25 years. The transition committee consisted of leaders from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors and was organized into six workgroups - three conceptual and one for each of the three departments under the Comptroller: 

  • Ethics & Transparency
  • Modernization & Restructuring
  • Procurement & Economic Opportunity
  • Audits
  • Communication Services
  • Real Estate

Each workgroup was asked to research their focus area, report on findings, and make recommendations aligned with the Comptroller’s commitment to creating a more transparent, accountable, and equitable government.

The committee released a report that is used to guide Comptroller Henry's administration.

Audit Reports