Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF) Settlement Tracker

Release: Office of the Comptroller Launches Gun Trace Task Force Settlement Tracker

Per the Baltimore City Charter and the policies approved by the Board of Estimates, legal settlements are subject to Board approval. Recommendations to settle claims against the City are based on reviews by the Law Department's Settlement Committee if there is potential for an adverse jury verdict.

The GTTF Tracker can be used to search for individual lawsuits and case numbers, settlement amounts, and officers that have been named in GTTF settlements. It also highlights settlement costs and case count for each officer. Any future settlement agreements approved by the Board of Estimates will also be included in the Tracker.  

In its most recent action, the Board of Estimates approved a $6 million settlement involving a GTTF-related case at its March 1, 2023, meeting. According to the meeting testimony, there are five more GTTF-related lawsuits in various stages of litigation, with motions to dismiss pending in all cases. There are also two unfiled claims related to GTTF incidents.

Unless the defendant has been found guilty, all individuals named in this tool are presumed innocent. Furthermore, by settling their claim, the plaintiff has agreed to dismiss all claims against the former GTTF Officers, the Baltimore Police Department, and the City of Baltimore.

The Tracker serves to memorialize the devastating impact of the Gun Trace Task Force on our City.

*There is an eligible settlement on the 5/17 BOE Agenda. If approved, it will raise the total monies paid out to $22,625,073.27. It will be added to the tracker after that meeting.*