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Baltimore, MD - The Board of Estimates agenda for the July 20th meeting is now available. It can be found on our database or on the Comptroller’s website under the Board of Estimates tab.

Items of note

These are transactions we find interesting or may be of interest to the public, organized by agency. A separate list of items on the non-routine/discussion agenda are announced at the BOE meeting.

Baltimore Development Corporation

Pages 2-4, Series 2022 Development Agreement and MOU.  These relate to the Harbor Point TIF.

Page 5, Land Disposition Agreement with Library Flats LLC for Pigtown Library Redevelopment. 

Baltimore Police Department

Page 7, BPD, Professional Service Agreement with IDFIVE, Inc. for a targeted recruitment campaign.  Contract amount is $500,000. 

Pages 103-104, Item #2, Bureau of Procurement, Renewal of Federal General Services Administration Contract No. GS-35F-0058N Arcadis Readiness Suite Software with Envisage Technologies, LLC  The no-cost renewal extends the contract through July 31, 2023.  End-user is BPD.

Pages 106-107, Item #4, Bureau of Procurement, Renewal of Contract B50006088 for K9 Vet and Hospital Care with Anne Arundel Veterinary Hospital.  The renewal extends the contract through July 28, 2023 and adds $50,000 in value. 

Page 117, Item #13, Bureau of Procurement, Award of Contract B50007675 for Lumicyano 100g Complete Kit with Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC.  End-user is BPD, contract value is $28,350. 

Pages 131-132, Item #24, Bureau of Procurement, Extension for Contract B50004568 for Provide Various Rental Vehicles with Acme Auto Leasing, All Car Leasing d/b/a Nextcar, and Enterprise RAC Company of Baltimore, LLC.  The extension adds $1 Million (for a total contract value of $22.5 Million) and extends the contract through January 31, 2023.  End users are BPD, Sheriff’s Office, and others.

Pages 140-141, Item #32, Bureau of Procurement, Award of Contract B50006473 for Pickup and Disposal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Waste with Biomedical Waste Services, Inc.  Contract value is $30, 375.  End-users are BPD, Health Department, and the Convention Center. 

Children & Family Success

Page 10, MOCFS, Charitable Solicitation Application for Mayor’s Back to School Campaign Pep Rally. 

Health Department

Pages 16-18, Health Dept., Agreements/Provider Agreements.  These are three more retroactive agreements; their terms were July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

Housing & Community Development

Page 96, Extension to Agreement with Redwood Apartments LLLP.

Pages 97-100, CDBG 47 Grant Agreements.  These four agreements are all retroactive, with terms of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022.

Human Resources

Pages 171-174, Items #1-9, DHR, Personnel Matters. All nine employment contracts are retroactive to July 1 of this year.

Pages 176-190, DHR, Modifications to Administrative Manual 205-6 and 204-10, and Establishment of AM 210-2. 

Parking Authority

Pages 40-48, Parking Authority, Demand Based Parking Meter Rate Setting in Fells Point.  This is similar to proposals they have submitted for other neighborhoods in the City.

Public Works

Pages 66-68, DPW, Extra Work Orders No. 3 and 4 for WC 1328, Montebello Filtration Plant No. I Infrastructure Improvements.  MBE is 10.43% towards a 15% goal while WBE is 3.42% towards a 3% goal. The work is roughly 41% complete.


Pages 104-106, Item #3, Bureau of Procurement, Renewal of Contract 08000 for BlueCrest On Call Maintenance Agreement with DMT Solutions Global Corporation.  End-user is MPO.  The renewal is retroactive to May 1, 2022 and extends the contract through April 30, 2023 while adding $29,141.11 in value. 

Pages 110-111, Item #7, Bureau of Procurement, Increase for Contract B50006537 for Prisoner Transport Vans with Rohrer Enterprises, Inc. End-user is DGS.  The increase adds $99,473 to the contract and the Board Memo explains the increase is needed since the vans “…can no longer be ordered on the 2022 chassis; they need to be ordered on the 2023 chassis.” 

Pages 111-112, Item # 8, Bureau of Procurement, Increase for Contract 06000 for Hotel Service for Community Outreach Program with Home 2 Suites.  The increase adds $30,500 in value. 

Pages 136-137, Item #28, Bureau of Procurement, Amendment to City and County of Denver Contract TECHS-201523139 for Enterprise Resource Planning Project with Accenture, LLP.  End-users are Finance, HR, and BCIT.  The amendment alters the scope of work to add “staff augmentation services” and increase the contract amount by $1.5 Million for a total of $15,374,350.  This contract came before the Board in June 2021 for a $3.4 Million increase.

Pages 141-165, Items #33-45, Bureau of Procurement, Reports of Emergency Procurement.  These are a total of 13 reports, with a total cost of just over $17 Million, that were deferred from the June 29 agenda.

Pages 166-167, Item #46, Bureau of Procurement, Increase to Contract B50004896 for Office Moving Services with Walter Relocations, Inc.  This item was deferred from the June 15 and June 29 agendas so MWBOO can contact the prime contractor to determine how to address the lack of MBE/WBE compliance. As of June 29, 2022, MBE attainment is 19% towards a 9% goal and WBE is 3% towards a 1% goal.


Pages 57-58, DOT, Increase to Contract TR 16020, Comprehensive Conduit Facilities Management Services. 

Pages 75-76, Items # 5 and 6, DOT, Recommendation for Award for TR 17022, Sharp Leadenhall Streetscape and Transfer of Funds. 


To attend the meeting:

In person. Join us on the second floor of City Hall in the Hyman Pressman Board Room, 100 N. Holliday St.

Streaming. All meetings are streamed live on Charm TV and posted after on Charm TV's Youtube channel.

Listen in. Members of the public can call in via Webex by dialing (408)-418-9388; access code: 2335 011 0384.

Watch on television. Watch Charm TV, channel 25.

To address the board:

Procedures for addressing the Board have changed. Rules for submitting Protests and Statements of Opposition are available at the Comptroller's website. Protests (written challenges to the award of a bid) must be received by noon on the Monday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. 

Members of the public can submit Statements of Opposition. Statements must be received by noon on the Tuesday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. 

Protests and Statements of Opposition must be submitted to, cc: or by mail or hand delivery to Attn: Clerk, Board of Estimates Room 204, City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street. 

The complete regulations on procurement, protests, minority and women-owned business enterprises, and debarment/suspensions can be found on the Comptroller's website.

New BOE agenda publishing schedule:

Board of Estimates agendas will now be published publicly on the Wednesday prior to the board’s scheduled meeting. Agendas will be available at the Board of Estimates page. This new schedule will provide the media and public at least four business days to read the document and more thoroughly participate in the city’s spending process.

Media members with document requests please reach out to or as soon as possible to allow time for document review.


The Board meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month, with the exception of June and December. Please see the Comptroller’s website for a detailed BOE meeting schedule and associated submission deadlines.

BOE Database:

Comptroller Henry has announced the debut of a fully searchable database of Baltimore City Board of Estimates (BOE) transactions. This new database will provide both transparency and easy access to searchable information for the BOE, Comptroller’s Office, internal agency customers and the public. It can be found at


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