Press Release: Comptroller Henry Announces New Department of Accounts Payable

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Baltimore, MD – Comptroller Bill Henry has announced the creation of the Department of Accounts Payable.

The new department will be responsible for all payments and disbursements made by the City with the exception of payroll and debt management. The Office of the Comptroller will oversee the new office proposed to begin operation in January 2023.

Before the change can go into effect, the City Council must pass a charter amendment establishing the Department. The proposal, with the support of the Administration, is being presented to the City Council for consideration on Monday, June 13th. If approved, the question will be posed to voters on the November General Election ballot.

“The new Department of Accounts Payable will enhance our system of checks and balances and take advantage of the systems expertise our administrations have been developing,” Comptroller Bill Henry said. “I’m looking forward to continuing the close partnership we’ve established with the Finance Department to tackle systems issues, ensure accountability and modernize processes.

Currently, Accounts Payable falls under the Bureau of Accounting & Payroll Services in the Department of Finance. This service is part of a larger system that begins with procurement and coordinates closely with agency fiscal offices to ensure timely vendor payment. Accounts Payable currently has 10 full-time positions and manages an average of 10,400 vendor invoices each month.

“Our vendors provide vital services to Baltimore and we are committed to the collaboration and partnership between agencies that will be necessary to improve our systems and ensure vendors are being compensated for their work,” said Deputy Comptroller Erika McClammy who will be overseeing this department. “Our immediate goal is to establish strong customer communication and service that focuses on efficient, accurate and timely payment processes.”

Accounts Payable will join the Departments of Audits, Real Estate, Telecommunications and the Municipal Post Office, as well as management of the Board of Estimates, under the Office of the Comptroller. Accounts Payable or “receipts” was previously a function of the Comptroller’s Office until the Department of Finance was created in a 1964 charter change.

Hearings will be shared on the Comptroller’s public schedule as they are announced.

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