Release: Comptroller’s Office Implements New Audits Callback Policy

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Baltimore, MD - Comptroller Bill Henry announced this week a new policy calling back city agencies to update the Board of Estimates on their biannual audit findings.

The Board confirmed the new policy at its October 20th meeting.

Over the next two months, the Board will hear from Department of Recreation and Parks, Department of Human Resources, Department of Transportation, Health Department, Department of Planning, and the Department of Law to discuss updates on their performance implementation plans.

The audit reports under discussion were originally heard in 2020 and concern the ’18-’19 fiscal period.

“This is a new approach meant to hold agencies accountable for their implementation plans, while also allowing them the opportunity to ask for support or share challenges they may be facing,” Henry said.

Status reports will be presented over the next two months. The Comptroller’s Office will share updates as they come.

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