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Health Department Audit

City Auditor Josh Pasch presented the biennial performance audit of the Baltimore City Health Department to the Board of Estimates. There were four major findings and two previous findings with recommendations that hadn’t been implemented. The Health Department concurred with the findings and have made a plan to implement the Department of Audits' recommendations.

The audit can be found here.


The Board deferred two protests on  proposed contract awards for SUVs, Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. These will be heard at the January 13th meeting.


All three elected officials abstained from voting on their salary adjustments.

City Council President Mosby abstained from voting on p. 150-153 "retroactive travel/reimbursement."


The Board of Estimates is in recess for the new two weeks. Starting January 11th, the Board of Estimates agenda will be e-mailed out prior to the meeting.

The Board also wants to thank Acting City Solicitor Dana Moore for her service to the City of Baltimore and the Board of Estimates. She will become Baltimore City’s first Chief Equity Officer in early 2021.

Lastly, Comptroller Klaus wishes everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.

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Health Department Audit

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