Release: Comptroller Henry Introduces Legislation

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Baltimore, MD - Today, Comptroller Bill Henry is introducing four bills to the Baltimore City Council, the first significant pieces of legislation ever introduced by the Baltimore City Comptroller.

"My office has spent the past few months reviewing every corner of City Code that touches the Comptroller's office. These bills are just the start of a sizable code reform effort I'll be pursuing over the next few months," explained Comptroller Henry. "Legislative reform is essential for modernization."

The bills will be formally introduced at tonight's City Council hearings.

  • 21-0041 - Board of Estimates (BOE) Basic Organization and Procurement Thresholds Repeals the duplicative pieces of the Subtitle 1: Comptroller; assigns BOE clerk duties to Comptroller’s designee; requires the Clerk to coordinate all reports to the BOE; codifies a 2010 BOE resolution that sets procurement thresholds for expenditures over $50,000 and contracts over $25,000.
  • 21-0042 - Real Estate Records – Modernization Repeals a provision stating the Comptroller’s office has to maintain a well-bound book of real property records and replaces it with a database; repeals a provision mandating a public inspection process and replaces it with a public online posting; effective date is 6 months after passing.
  • 21-0043 - Committee on Insurance and Risk Management – Revisions Strengthens the Committee on Insurance and Risk Management by creating reporting requirements, restructuring the board, and providing effective oversight.
  • 21-0044 – Retirement Boards – Composition Conforms the Fire and Police Employees’ Retirement System board to allow the Comptroller or the Comptroller’s designee to serve; confirm the Retirement Savings Plan board to allow the Comptroller or Comptroller’s designee.

The aforementioned legislation are the first updates to the City code in decades. Previously, the Office of the Comptroller only introduced legislation relating to the Department of Real Estate.

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