Release: Office of the Comptroller FY22 Annual Report

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Bill Henry
Baltimore City
204 City Hall - Baltimore Maryland 21202
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Geoff Shannon, Public Relations Officer
(410) 387-5704


Baltimore, MD - The Office of the Comptroller has released its Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report, Comptroller Bill Henry announced. 

 The FY 2022 annual report can be found at the Comptroller’s website.  

The report highlights the Office of the Comptroller’s accomplishments during fiscal year 2022, including detailed updates from the Department of Audits, the Department of Real Estate, the Department of Telecommunications, the Municipal Post Office and the Central Office.

Along with a look back at last year's successes the report also offers a preview of fiscal year 2023, which will continue the Comptroller’s pursuit of modernization, efficiency and accountability in Baltimore City government.

“It’s not headline news when an agency improves its performance in response to an audit, or the mail is delivered on time, or when a small staff delivers the Board of Estimates agenda week after week – that’s just what the public expects,” Comptroller Henry said. “But, if you want to read about the steps it takes to make lasting change, you will find them in this report.


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