Press Release: Comptroller Bill Henry on City worker Health Care Mandate

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Bill Henry
Baltimore City
204 City Hall - Baltimore Maryland 21202
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Geoff Shannon, Public Relations Officer
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Henry encourages City leadership to mandate vaccinations or routine COVID-19 testing for workforce.

Baltimore, MD - "Yesterday, New York Mayor de Blasio announced New York City workers must either get vaccinated or provide weekly proof of a negative COVID-19 test. California’s largest employer – the State government – also announced a similar health care mandate. I applaud their leadership and encourage Mayor Scott to follow suit. Baltimore’s best chance at beating COVID-19 relies on vaccination.

In the next few weeks, many Baltimore City employees will begin returning to workspaces they left in March 2020. We must prioritize creating safe facilities, offices, and workspaces as we transition back to in-person access to critical City services. An equitable approach to providing City services means taking the necessary precautions to protect our most vulnerable neighbors – the immuno-compromised, children under 12 – from the COVID-19 virus.

City government has a fiscal responsibility to keep our economy strong and a moral responsibility to keep our workers protected. All Baltimore City employees should be required to provide proof of vaccination or be tested weekly for COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccine can save lives, period."

Baltimore City is about 47% vaccinated. In the past month, Baltimore has seen cases rise 130% and positivity increase by 95%.

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