Release: Statement on Office of the Inspector General Advisory Board

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Baltimore, MD - Comptroller Bill Henry released the following statement on the Office of the Inspector General's Advisory Board:

"This year, the City of Baltimore will begin an extensive charter review commission. Along with the other topics deserving of careful examination and robust discussion, I am tasking my appointees to the Commission with review of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) statute and with making recommendations to the Charter Commission based on established national best practices. Councilman Dorsey’s charter amendment in 2018 to create an independent OIG was a massive achievement and now is the time to build on our progress and adopt best practices that further ensure the transparency, accountability, and independence of that office.

Recommendations for City Charter amendments will be reviewed and adopted by the Commission and can become part of the Charter through one of two ways: Passage of legislation by the City Council, signed by the Mayor, and then approved by Baltimore City voters; or through grassroots, resident-led petition drive and subsequent approval by the Board of Elections for placement on the ballot for City voters. Amendments for voter approval will appear on the Fall 2022 ballot."

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