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Baltimore, MD - The Baltimore City Board of Estimates convened for a virtual meeting on May 5, 2021.

The recording of this morning’s meeting is posted on Charm TV. Below is a brief summary of the discussion of the non-routine agenda items. An official summary, including abstentions, will be posted on within three business days.

Non-Routine Agenda Items

  1. Page 34, Fire Department (BCFD, Ratification and Renewal of Agreement for Emergency Medical Services with Maryland Stadium Authority. 

Discussion of how BCFD came to an agreement of $100,000/yea to provide EMS services; discussion of recouping funds. The item was approved after discussion.

  1. Pages 64-65, Item # 5, Bureau of Procurement, Fourth Amendment and Extension of Agreement with ConvergeOne, Inc.  (MTE is end-user, amendment amount $99,147.75, contract term extended from March 30, 2021-June 30, 2021.) 

Discussion of MBE goal attainment and overall compliance; discussion of new solicitation. The item was approved after discussion.

  1. Pages 69-70, Items # 2 and 3, Department of Public Works, Recommendation for Contract Award to Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC for SC 954, Primary Settling Tanks Rehabilitation at Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant and Transfer of Funds.

A protest was received from Miles & Stockbridge, P.C. on behalf of American Contracting and Environmental Services, Inc. The item and subsequent protest was deferred until the May 19th Board of Estimates meeting.

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) & Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Participation

In accordance with Article 5, Subtitle 28 of the Baltimore City Code, all City contracts must meet MBE and/or WBE goals established by the City’s Minority & Women’s Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO).

Informal awards, renewals, increased to contracts & extensions (P. 61-67)





Not applicable

Contract No. 08000,Safe Tracker Software, BPD

$ 94,340.49

Sole source contract


Contract No. B50004997 – Parts and Service, DGS

$0 ($24,500.00) as a renewal

Below MBE/WBE threshold

Meet or Exceeding

No. TECHS-201523139 – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project, BCIT



Not in Compliance

No. B50003985 – Telecommunication Improvement & Procurement Project, Municipal Telephone Exchange


This is a contract extension for 3 months until a new contract is awarded.


B50006186 – Scrap Metal & White Goods Disposal, DPW & DOT


No opportunity to segment the contract

Recommendations for contract awards and rejections (p.69-72)






B50006171, Smoke Alarms, BCFD via Procurement


No opportunity to segment the contract



Council President Nick Mosby abstained on P. 25 Item #30, Abolish a vacant position in the Office of the State’s Attorney.

"I am abstaining on this item because it pertains to personnel matters in the State’s Attorney’s office. My spouse serves as the elected State’s Attorney and directly and indirectly supervises employees of that office."

P 73 Item #1, Retroactive travel approval / reimbursement

"I am abstaining on this item because it pertains to personnel matters in the State’s Attorney’s office. My spouse serves as the elected State’s Attorney and directly and indirectly supervises employees of that office."

Mayor Brandon ScottComptroller Bill HenryCity Solicitor Jim Shea, and Deputy Director Matt Garbark didn't have any abstentions to report.

Looking forward

The Board of Estimates will vote on the FY22 Preliminary Budget at next week’s meetings. All testimony from Taxpayer’s Night received will be submitted to the Board. After the Board votes on the budget, the City Council begins their review.

This summary is part of an effort to share useful and informative notes and actions from the Board of Estimates. Questions, clarifications or content requests can be sent to the Comptroller’s Director of Communication, KC Kelleher.

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