Release: Comptroller Henry Releases 2021 Audit Plan

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Baltimore, MD - At tonight's Biennial Audits Oversight Commission (BAOC) meeting the City Auditor, Josh Pasch, in coordination with Comptroller Bill Henry released the Department's 2021 Biennial Audit plan.

"We are moving away from checking the math in the budget books to focusing on how we can solve common problems," said Comptroller Henry. "Changing the way we perform audits is essential to improving service delivery for Baltimore City's residents."

The Biennial Audits Oversight Commission approved the plan by a vote in early January. It was discussed at tonight's oversight meeting for the 2020 Biennial Audits.

Agency Area of Audit Audit Objective
Baltimore City Fire
Department (BCFD)
Fire watch To assess whether BCFD has adequate
and effective policies and procedures to
administer and operate the fire watch
program; and whether those policies and
procedures are in compliance with the
National Fire Protection Association's
Department of
General Services
utilization rate
/ assets
To evaluate whether the City has effective
and efficient processes to identify,
tracking, and monitoring the building
assets management (building utilization
Department of
Public Work (DPW)
Water billing To assess the efficiency and effectiveness
of water billing process.
Department of
Housing and
To evaluate whether the City has effective
processes to identify and accurately report
the City's vacant properties.
DOF Paying
vendors' bills
30 days
To evaluate whether the City has effective
policies, procedures and processes to pay
vendors within 30 days.
BCIT Information
To evaluate whether the City has
adequate policies and procedures to guide
the City's Information Technology (IT)
procurement processes to increase the
efficiency and effectiveness of IT
operations and costs.
Mayor's Office of
Homeless Service
Homeless To determine to an extent that MOHS is
adequately managing and coordinating
City's homeless shelters (buildings and
structures) to meet City's goals and
strategic plans.

The above audits will be released as they come out towards the end of 2021. In addition to the Biennial Audits, the Department of Audits also performs the Single Audit, the CAFR, Board of Estimates pre-audit reports, and numerous other ad-hoc audit services.

Recordings of tonight's Biennial Audits Oversight Commission can also be found on Charm TV’s website and Youtube channel.

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