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Baltimore, MD - The agenda for the Board of Estimates March 6th meeting is now available. It can be found on the Comptroller’s website under the Board of Estimates tab. 

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Items of Note

These are transactions we find interesting or may be of interest to the public, organized by agency. A separate list of items on the non-routine/discussion agenda are announced at the BOE meeting.General Services

SB-24-10464, CO#26 - GS18815, City Hall Exterior Wall Repairs, Phase 1,2 & Alternate Phases. Transaction amount is $1,273,617.06.  “The Department of General Services (DGS) seeks to award the Contactor all work associated with Bid Alternate #7 (Phase 9) of the project in order to continue building restoration efforts and mitigation of safety risks due to existing conditions. In addition, the Contractor has experienced an unanticipated rise in inflationary costs since the time of Bid (2/6/2020) and has included sufficient documentation to support these additional costs.”

SB-24-10553, Project GS23824, HVAC Replacement at various Enoch Pratt free library locations agreement. Transaction amount is $8,435,196.

Human Resources

 SB-24-10618, Position Creation, Operations Director II, Police 1252-24. Transaction amount is $226,509. “The position will serve as the Chief of Communications and Community Affairs.”

SB-24-10619, Position Creation, Police 1253-24. Transaction amount is $226,509. “The position will serve as the Chief of Public Integrity (Assistant Deputy Commissioner).”

Information & Technology

SB-24-10628, Increase for Contract Number 06000 - Microsoft Enterprise Agreement with SHI International Corporation. Transaction amount is $6,500,000. “Increased need for Microsoft proprietary software products for various end user agencies that support projects, backend IT needs, and optional end user software required to support the operational needs of City’s infrastructure increase in contract usage by various end user agencies.”


SB-24-10543, Settlement Request:  Bell v. MCCB, Case No. 24-C-22-004872. Settlement amount is $250,000. “The lawsuit arises out of a large sinkhole that developed on July 3, 2022, after a storm drain main collapsed. The nature and extent of the hole was such that plaintiff’s real property at 724 E. North Avenue was condemned and demolished.”

SB-23-10410, St. Michael’s Media, Inc. v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, Case No. 1:21-cv-02337 ELH. Settlement amount is $275,000. “On or about September 13, 2021, St. Michael’s Media, Inc. (“Plaintiff”) filed a lawsuit against the City seeking, inter alia, a preliminary injunction and monetary damages for alleged First Amendment violations related to the City’s purported actions leading to the cancellation of a rally planned to take place on November 16, 2021, at the City-owned, but privately managed, MECU Pavilion. Plaintiff also seeks relief under 42 U.S.C. §1983, including attorney’s fees.”

SB-24-10531, Toyia Williams v. Baltimore Police Department, et al., Baltimore City Circuit Court – Case No. 24-C-21-003768. Settlement amount is $200,000. “Plaintiff alleged that she was awarded a workplace accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act and the Maryland Declaration of Rights to work at BPD’s Quartermaster Unit in a light duty capacity. Plaintiff further alleged that BPD violated and revoked her accommodation when it transferred her to Building Security Unit located at BPD Headquarters and then retaliated against her when she was ultimately separated from service because she exceeded the maximum time period to return to full duty status.”

Real Estate

SB-24-10637, Deed to UA Port Covington Holdings, LLC. Transaction amount is $186,949.49.  “Approve and authorize the execution of a deed to UA Port Covington Holdings, LLC, and the Mayor and City Council, to sell at either public or private sale, all its interest in a certain parcel of land known as the former bed of Cromwell Street.”


SB-23-14869, Award - Contract Number 08000– Gunshot Detection, Location, and Forensic Services, and API Subscription Services. Transaction amount is $2,128,500. “SoundThinking ™, Inc. formally ShotSpotter is the sole source vendor for the Gunshot Detection, Location, and Forensic Services, and API Subscription Services. The vendor is also the exclusive nationwide provider of this gunshot detection and location system. The Baltimore Police Department (BPD) currently uses this system. BPD seeks to continue using the vendor’s services due to their performance and compatibility with existing structures. The contract term is from December 13, 2023, through December 12, 2026.”

SB-24-10646, 3rd Extension, Contract Number SCON-002346 – O.E.M. Parts & Service for Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Vehicles. “This contract provides OEM parts and repairs to Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles. The requested action is an extension of a competitively bid requirements contract.”

Public Works

SB-24-10432, Emergency Procurement, Kencor Elevators LLC. Transaction Amount is $100,000. “The Department of Public Works (DPW) is reporting its Emergency Authorization to enter into a 6-month agreement with Kencor Elevators, not to exceed $100,000, to repair twenty elevator units that are inoperable or do not meet American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards.”

SB-24-10433, Emergency Authorization Request, Repairs and Maintenance Elevators, ALLSAFE Elevator Inspections. Transaction Amount is $100,000. “The Department of Public Works (DPW), is requesting an Emergency Authorization to enter into an agreement with ALLSAFE Elevator Inspections to verify Kencor’ s work and state certify the twenty elevators being repaired. The agreement will be for 6-months, not to exceed $100,000. Two of the 20 units are currently out of service, and the remaining 18, are out of compliance.”

SB-24-10447, Weekly Recycle Campaign - Hearst Media. Transaction amount is $21,400. “Emergency Authorization to purchase design and production services for the Return to Weekly Recycling Campaign.”

Recreation and Parks

SB-24-10325, Extra Work Order #1 for RP21834 Ambrose Kennedy & Patterson Park Pool Renovations. Transaction amount is $231,850.30. “This Authorization Request is necessary for addition of 180 non-compensatory days to be added to the Project Schedule; the switch-out of the sand filter for a Regenerative Media filter at Patterson Park; the installation of a Sump Pump & Pit at Patterson Park; the complete removal of the pool deck at Ambrose Kennedy; and for the shower and fountain replacement at Ambrose Kennedy.”

SB-24-101717, Award for RP23889 Gardenville Recreation Center, Construction Contract to Towson Mechanical Incorporated. Transaction amount is $15,475,000.


SB-24-10563, EWO #9 - FAP No. STP-3057(6) N; BC410005; Contract TR12317; Central Avenue Streetscape and Harbor Point Connector Bridge (Design Build) accompanied by SB-24-10564, Transaction amount is $6,498,281.22. “The Board is requested to approve Extra Work Order No. 9 to Allan Myers MD, Inc. under FAP No. STP-3057(6) N; BC410005; Contract TR12317; Central Avenue Streetscape and Harbor Point Connector Bridge (Design Build).

SB-24-10170, 1116 W. Hamburg Street - Minor Privilege Application. Transaction amount is $1,296.25. A Letter of Opposition has been submitted for this item.

SB-24-10500, EAR- STV, Inc. Project No. 1341 Task No. 5 BD No. 40536 On Call Design Consultant Services for Roadways, Traffic and Associated Projects. Transaction amount is $181,691.62 “This authorization provides for engineering design to complete the TR19309 advertised Bid Documents for the construction of 20 traffic signals City-wide and provide Post design services.”

Address the Board


Members of the public can submit Statements of Opposition. Statements must be received by noon on the Tuesday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. A Statement of Opposition means a written statement by a member of the public expressing opposition to an item presented on a Board of Estimates agenda for a vote, provided that the person submitting the statement of opposition is a City resident or taxpayer, or a spokesperson for a City resident or taxpayer, or is directly and specifically affected by a pending matter or decision of the Board, and (d) that is distinct from a Protest.

Members of the public can also submit statements of support to the Board of Estimates. Statements of support can come from anyone in the public in support of any item listed on the stated Board of Estimates agenda.  Please indicate if you would like to address the Board or only wish to have your statement of support noted.


Protests for contract awards must be received by noon on the Monday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. A protest is a written challenge to the award of a bid to a particular bidder that has been presented to the Board of Estimates on an agenda for a vote. Anyone submitting a protest must be registered as a procurement lobbyist with the Board of Ethics in accordance with Baltimore City Ethics Code, §8-12.

Rules for submitting Protests and Statements of Opposition are available at the Comptroller's website. Protests (written challenges to the award of a bid) must be received by noon on the Monday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. 

The complete regulations on procurement, protests, minority and women-owned business enterprises, and debarment/suspensions can be found on the Comptroller's website.

Protests and Statements of Opposition or Support must be submitted to by mail or hand delivery to Attn: Clerk, Board of Estimates Room 204, City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street. 

Attend the Meeting

In person. Join us on the second floor of City Hall in the Hyman Pressman Board Room, 100 N. Holliday St.

Streaming. All meetings are streamed live on Charm TV and posted after on Charm TV's Youtube channel.

Listen in. Members of the public can call in via Webex by dialing (408)-418-9388; access code: 2347 224 6082

Watch on television. Watch Charm TV, channel 25.

Schedule. The Board meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month, with the exception of June and December. Please see the Comptroller’s website for a detailed BOE meeting schedule and associated submission deadlines.


Public Information Requests. Requests for background documents for any Board of Estimates items should be made through

Open Checkbook. The Office of the Comptroller recently launched Open Checkbook 2.0 Spending Explorer, a new public-facing online tool that tracks the city’s third-party vendor payments.  Open Checkbook 2.0 allows the public to review Baltimore City’s spending by accessing payments to suppliers. The site is updated daily. 

BOE Database. The Baltimore City Board of Estimates (BOE) Database provides both transparency and easy access to searchable information for the BOE, Comptroller’s Office, internal agency customers and the public. It can be found at


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