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Statement on behalf of the City Council President and Comptroller of Baltimore City

The following statement was read by the Clerk to the Board of Estimates on February 15th.

"The proposed underground conduit system agreement with BGE, which we believe a

Release: Baltimore’s Capital Budget is Not Distributed Equitably, Audit Finds

Baltimore, MD - The Department of Audits (DOA) evaluated the Planning Commission and Department of Planning (DOP)'s capital budgeting process to determine how the City of Baltimore prioritizes capi

Release: Introducing the New Department of Accounts Payable

Baltimore, MD — Comptroller Bill Henry and Deputy Comptroller Erika McClammy announced today that the Department of Accounts Payable (AP) has formally moved from the Department of Finance to the Of

Release: Audit Finds Health Department Must Improve Grant Monitoring

Baltimore, MD - The Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) is not effectively monitoring its grant subrecipients and cannot confirm whether grant funds are being used in accordance with federal an