Release: Office of the Comptroller Releases FY2023 Annual Report

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Baltimore, MD - The Office of the Comptroller has released its Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report, Comptroller Bill Henry announced. 

The FY 2023 annual report can be found at the Comptroller’s website. The report highlights the Office of the Comptroller’s accomplishments during fiscal year 2023, including detailed updates from Accounts Payable, Audits, Real Estate, Telecommunications, the Municipal Post Office and the Central Office.

"This has been a year of continued major transition and progress,” Comptroller Henry said. “If you’ve followed my team’s work since we took office, you know that we’ve invested tremendous energy and focus on transparency, modernization and accountability. These efforts have promoted a culture shift internally and helped drive administrative changes across agencies.”

Click for FY2023 Annual Report


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