Statement: Comptroller Henry on New Real Estate Software

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Bill Henry
Baltimore City
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Geoff Shannon, Public Relations Officer
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Statement from Comptroller Henry at Board of Estimates meeting on September 22, 2021, on purchase approval of Tolemi Software for real estate work --

"Earlier this year, my Transition Team made a number of recommendations on how to improve the efficiency of operations in our Department of Real Estate. Today, the Board has approved a contract with Tolemi Software which will move what are now paper workflows to a digital platform, in both the Department of Real Estate and the Department of Housing & Community Development.

From the initial constituent inquiry to final sales, moving the City’s real estate services to a digital format will make the process more efficient, more customer-friendly, and most importantly more open and transparent. It’s long overdue and I’m proud to partner with Mayor Scott and his administration in moving our agencies forward."

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