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Baltimore, MD - The Board of Estimates agenda for the August 3rd meeting is now available. It can be found on our database or on the Comptroller’s website under the Board of Estimates tab.

Items of note

These are transactions we find interesting or may be of interest to the public, organized by agency. A separate list of items on the non-routine/discussion agenda are announced at the BOE meeting.

Baltimore Police Department

Page 1, BPD, Grant Award from Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, Award amount is $38,916 for a “Forensic Science Improvement Program."

Pages 47-48, Items #13 and 14, reclassification of two BPD Grant Services Specialist positions and employment contract for Tarolyn Thrasher.

Page 130, Fire & Police Employees’ Retirement System, Subscription Agreement with IPI Partners III-A, L.P.

Page 133, Item #2, Bureau of Procurement, Renewal of Contract B50006230 for Eight-Point Hats with Keystone Uniform Caps. The renewal extends the contract through July 20, 2023 and adds $20,000 in value.

Pages 136-137, Item #5, Bureau of Procurement, Renewal of Contract B50006014 for Badges—Name Plates with Irvin Hahn Co. and Metis, Inc. The renewal extends the contract through September 15, 2023 and adds $100,000 in value. End-users are BPD, BCFD and others. 

Health Department

Page 25, Agreements/Provider Agreements, Sisters Together and Reaching, amount is $165,823. Term was 7/1/21-6/30/22.

Page 26, Project PLASE, Inc., amount is $8,000. Term was 7/1/21-6/30/22.

Page 27, University of Maryland Center for Health and Homeland Security, amount $103,415. Term was 7/1/21-12/31/21. 

Pages 28-29, MD Dept of Public Safety & Correctional Services, amount $485,720.38. Term is 1/1/22-12/31/22. 

Housing & Community Development

Pages 79-80, DHCD, Seventh Amendment to Uplands-A Upfront Grant Agreement with U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. This is a no-cost extension of a 2004 grant agreement.

Pages 82-83, DHCD, Grant Agreement with Housing Authority of Baltimore City for public infrastructure improvements related to Perkins Somerset Oldtown project. Grant amount is $4,600,000.

Human Resources

Page 78, DHR, Travel Requests. Three DHR executives including Director Herbert will attend a “Workday Rising” conference in September.


Pages 10-11, Jamal Wilson v. Officer Donald Gaff. Settlement amount is $130,000 for injuries inflicted during a traffic stop in 2016.

Pages 12-13, Eric Baylor v. Mayor & City Council and former Officer Timothy George. Settlement amount is $30,000 for injuries caused in a traffic accident in 2016.  

Pages 14-15, Derrick Anderson v. Mayor & City Council, former Officer Evodio Hendrix et al. This is a GTTF settlement for $60,000 involving fabricated charges and 14 months’ imprisonment of Mr. Anderson. 

Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement

Page 30, MONSE, Charitable Solicitation Application for B-360 and Baltimore’s first dirt bike park. 

Office of the Mayor

Pages 16-23, Office of the Mayor, MACo Travel Requests for Chris Shorter, Adam Abadir, Lauran Perez, Sophia Gebrehiwot, Nina Them Elis, Natasha Mehu, Simone Johnson, and Leslie Carter. 

Office of the Comptroller

Page 90, MACo Travel Request for Comptroller Bill Henry.

Public Works

Page 96, DPW, FY23 Howard County Water Rates & Charges. Account Management Fee (per bill, based on City charge) is $4.46, Infrastructure Charge is $1,492,237.39. Volumetric Rate (per Ccf) is $0.644.


Page 142-143, #11, Bureau of Procurement, Solicitation Number B50006304 – Armed Security Guard Services to C.I.E.R. Security & Protection Agency, LLC. Period covered is August 3, 2022 through August 2, 2025 with two, one-year renewals at the City’s option. Amount is $2,377,680.

Page 144 #12, Bureau of Procurement, Solicitation Number B50006265 – Structural Maintenance and Dredging of Inner Harbor. To McLean Contracting Company, period covered between August 4, 2022 through August 2, 2025, with two, one-year renewals at the City’s option. Amount is $272,675.

Retirement System

Pages 5-6, Employees’ Retirement System /Retiree Benefits Trust, Subscription Agreements with BlackRock Global Infrastructure Fund IV D, L.P.


Page 4, City Council Bill 22-0216. This is DOT bill to grant an easement to the State Highway Administration at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and East Point Mall.

Pages 119-120, DOT, Ratification of Contract TR 18009, Resurfacing Highways at Various Locations Southeast Sector IV, and Payment of Outstanding amounts under the contract to P. Flanigan & Sons. DOT is asking for retroactive approval of a time extension of this contract and payment of $1,048,217.50.

Page 108, DOT, Payment of Invoice to Century Engineering, Inc. under Project No. 799, TR00073, Improvements to Hawkins Point Road Bridge—Supplemental Agreement No. 2. This is a request for payment of $218,635.28 in “payroll costs” that were incurred but not charged to DOT by Century Engineering from April 2017 through February 2022.

Page 113, DOT, MOU between Friends of 26th Street Corridor, Inc. This will repurpose one block of East 26th Street (between Hunter Street and Guilford Avenue) into a plaza that will be closed to through automotive traffic and will instead provide passage for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as street furniture, decking, landscaping, benches, and artwork (collectively, the “26th Street Green Project” or “Project”) to be owned by the City and maintained by Friends.


To attend the meeting:

In person. Join us on the second floor of City Hall in the Hyman Pressman Board Room, 100 N. Holliday St.

Streaming. All meetings are streamed live on Charm TV and posted after on Charm TV's Youtube channel.

Listen in. Members of the public can call in via Webex by dialing (408)-418-9388; access code: 2335 011 0384.

Watch on television. Watch Charm TV, channel 25.

To address the board:

Procedures for addressing the Board have changed. Rules for submitting Protests and Statements of Opposition are available at the Comptroller's website. Protests (written challenges to the award of a bid) must be received by noon on the Monday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. 

Members of the public can submit Statements of Opposition. Statements must be received by noon on the Tuesday prior to the Board of Estimates meeting. 

Protests and Statements of Opposition must be submitted to, cc: or by mail or hand delivery to Attn: Clerk, Board of Estimates Room 204, City Hall, 100 N. Holliday Street. 

The complete regulations on procurement, protests, minority and women-owned business enterprises, and debarment/suspensions can be found on the Comptroller's website.

New BOE agenda publishing schedule:

Board of Estimates agendas will now be published publicly on the Wednesday prior to the board’s scheduled meeting. Agendas will be available at the Board of Estimates page. This new schedule will provide the media and public at least four business days to read the document and more thoroughly participate in the city’s spending process.

Media members with document requests please reach out to or as soon as possible to allow time for document review.


The Board meets regularly on the first and third Wednesday of each month, with the exception of June and December. Please see the Comptroller’s website for a detailed BOE meeting schedule and associated submission deadlines.

BOE Database:

Comptroller Henry has announced the debut of a fully searchable database of Baltimore City Board of Estimates (BOE) transactions. This new database will provide both transparency and easy access to searchable information for the BOE, Comptroller’s Office, internal agency customers and the public. It can be found at

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