Release: New Development for Former Dr Roland N Patterson Senior Academy

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Baltimore, MD - Comptroller Bill Henry today announced the sale of the former Dr. Roland N. Patterson school property (4701 Greenspring Avenue) to Choo Smith Youth Empowerment, Inc. (CSYE). The property is the centerpiece of a proposed development that promises to bring new housing, retail and a community campus to Baltimore.

CSYE will purchase the property, including the 347,800 square-foot former school building, for $477,788 which will cover the cost of the site’s unpaid State bond debt.

The Board of Estimates approved the Land Disposition Agreement (LDA) at their October 20th meeting.

 “This is the first major property disposition by our Department of Real Estate since I was elected to the Comptroller’s Office, and I’m happy to support this sale,” Comptroller Bill Henry said. “If executed to its fullest potential this project will breathe new life into an underutilized property. Importantly, this agreement will allow us to provide support and oversight as the redevelopment advances.”

The Department of Real Estate and the Mayor’s Office collaborated on the final disposition agreement with CSYE.

“CSYE has the vision and experience to turn this property into a community center for Baltimore,” Mayor Brandon M. Scott said. “I can’t wait to watch this project come to fruition under their leadership and see it become a real asset for our residents.”

 “We’re pleased to be able to sell this property to CSYE,” Department of Real Estate Officer Andy Frank said. “The proposed mix of uses benefits the nearby communities in many ways ranging from the expansive community services to retaining and attracting residents to Baltimore.”

Led by former Harlem Globetrotter, President and CEO Charles “Choo” Smith Jr., CSYE is a black-led non-profit that provides services and programs with a focus on youth development.

CSYE has proposed renovating the property into a “CommuniVersity” with the look and feel of a college campus. Portions of the current building will be renovated into a community resource center which will provide a variety of amenities for children, teens, adults and seniors.

“Our organization’s core mission is focused on helping our youth reach their full potential in both academics and athletics, but we’ve always felt we could do more if the resources were there,” said Smith. “We named this project aRise Baltimore with a tagline of ‘the CommuniVersity that serves and loves, welcome to the Oasis.’ Our CommuniVersity will be a place of inclusion and a safe haven for people young and old to thrive and evolve.”

In addition to the community campus portion of the development, proposed phases include adding approximately 83 new workforce townhomes, an estimated 187-unit affordable apartment building, new retail and an urgent care center.

According to the Department of General Services, the city would need to spend $7 million over the next 10 years to keep this property as is. It would cost Baltimore City at minimum almost $50 million to address immediate repairs, according to a 2017 facility condition assessment.

When completed the development is expected to generate more than $14 million in tax revenue over 15 years.    

The developer has garnered support from the Parklane Neighborhood Association, Park Heights Renaissance, the Levindale-Sunset Community Association, and the Cylburn Community Association.

"I welcome CSYE to our community," 6th District Council Vice-President Sharon Green Middleton said. "This is a tremendous opportunity to grow our city, connect our neighborhoods and provide needed equitable community-based programs and services to our residents."

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