Release: Comptroller Henry Unveils New Board of Estimates Database

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Baltimore, MD - Comptroller Bill Henry has announced the debut of a fully searchable database of Baltimore City Board of Estimates (BOE) transactions. This new database will provide both transparency and easy access to searchable information for the BOE, Comptroller’s Office, internal agency customers and the public.

The BOE docket database can be found at

“The Comptroller’s Office manages the day-to-day operations of the Board of Estimates, so we know just how difficult it is to follow the breadth of city spending,” Comptroller Henry said. “This database will enhance the oversight capabilities of both the public and members of the Board in making data-driven informed decisions.”

Upon launch, the new database will feature all Board of Estimates transactions dating back to January 2021. It contains dozens of searchable categories including meeting dates, agencies, contracts, settlement agreements and real estate acquisitions. This data can also be used for:

  • Reviewing grants distributed to non-profits.
  • Tracking construction project spending from initial award through completion.
  • Establishing trends in vendor usage.

A complete docket history including voting details will be added to the database within 10 days following BOE meetings.

Process for how data enters BOE database.

Following today’s launch, the docket database will be continuously refined to clarify inconsistencies in terminology and classification. Members of the public are encouraged to reach out to the Comptroller’s Office with questions about specific details.

The new BOE database is another step in fulfilling the Comptroller’s pledge to make city spending transparent and accessible to the public.

“I’ve wanted this since day one in office,” Comptroller Henry said. “The database will help constituents follow the spending of public money and understand how to better direct inquiries and concerns.”

More technological upgrades are in the works. The Comptroller’s Office will be asking for BOE approval on two software solutions that will 1) scan all record documents dating to 2010 and 2) create a portal to manage the BOE submissions process.

 “This is all long overdue,” Comptroller Henry said. “We should be scrutinizing data, not handcrafting 200-page agendas.”

User Guide

To find the database, go to the Comptroller's website > Board of Estimates > BOE Database or go directly to

The tool can be used on your mobile device or desktop. For the best experience, use this on a desktop and click on the “View Larger Version” in the lower right hand corner of the table.

There are five different tables that connect to the main BOE table:

  1. Board of Estimates: Main table with individual BOE transactions.
    1. This table has multiple views on the left side including: All BOE items (grid), BOE Agendas by Meeting Date (grid), BOE Meetings by Date (Kanban), Extra Work Orders by Agency and Contract # (grid), BOE Items by Agency (Kanban), DPW BOE Items (grid), Procurement BOE Items (grid), DOT BOE Items (grid), DHCD BOE Items (grid) and Categorical Breakdown (grid).
  2. Vendors: Table with each entity in the "Supplier/Contractor/Bidder/Developer/Org Partner" column, with its relevant transactions(s), and the approximate total expenditures recorded.
  3. Contract numbers: Unique identifiers for each contract, with its relevant transactions(s), relevant vendors, and the approximate total expenditures recorded for that contract.
  4. Project numbers: Unique identifier for each project,  with its relevant transactions(s), relevant vendors, relevant task numbers for that project, and the approximate total project expenditures.
  5. Data dictionary: agency acronyms defined, submission categories defined, transaction details (columns on the Board of Estimates table).

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